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About link from your site

It does not limit link.

We would like link under the self-responsibility.

Other than top page (, please note that URL may be changed at any time.


We make banner.

We make 2 size. Please feel free to use it.


  • Size 88 X 31

Otaru-shi banner 1Otaru-shi banner 2Otaru-shi banner 3


  • Size 150 X 60

 Otaru-shi banner (large 1)Otaru-shi banner (large 2)Banner (large 3) of Otaru-shi



About mutual links

Mutual links publish only Otaru-shi relations administrations such as government offices.


Administrations where mutual links are hoped for, please send email that listed the next matter to public information public hearing section.

  • Name/address/business content/phone number (contact information)/people in charge name/e-mail address/link URL such as administrations, link name


Where to call

Otaru-shi general affairs department public information public hearing section
Telephone 0134-32-4111 (extension number 394)
Fax 0134-27-4331
Email [email protected]


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