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Usage of Otaru-shi homepage

... all are ... towards homepage easy to use, too

Otaru-shi homepage making guidelines

With progress of recent informatization, homepage is recognized as public information medium providing municipal administration information widely, too, and the role grows bigger and bigger. It is early and provides municipal administration information to citizen's precisely to realize "urban development of collaboration of civic participation" which Otaru-shi recommends and thinks that it is that what we share is the most important. Now that the Internet became imminent, homepage that can obtain "we become dull anywhere anytime" information is citizen and thing to carry role to tie the government on. Therefore it is easy to use and will run at the following point of view toward plain homepage.


An easy-to-use homepage made from the citizen's viewpoint (consideration to the usability)

Classification arranges municipal administration information that is abundant as general information widely in top page in genre of big four of "municipal administration information, statistics, plan" to "companies" to "citizen's" to "tourists", and is early, and can arrive at information that I want by placement of navigation that unified precisely; devise.

Information to affect ... health, child care, education, the welfare, overall living including both hands continuance to "citizen's everybody"

Information to affect the whole, bid, industry of ... Otaru Port to "all of companies"

It is sightseeing information of ... event, various spots to "tourists"

Profile and municipal administration information of "municipal administration information, statistics, plan" ... Otaru-shi

We translate page into English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean automatically for various places of "English, zhongwen, Korean" ... foreigner.


In addition, it is possible thing "looking for from information according to organization" classified according to part section and "to look for from list of facilities".


A homepage that considered an "universal design" easy to use for everyone (consideration to the accessibility)

We always find information accessibility of contents (contents) so that elderly person, person with a disability uses even person with limitation for mental and physical function in consideration for Japanese Industrial Standards about accessibility and act to improve.


Method of search


Reading support function

On Otaru-shi homepage, we offer reading support in consideration for accessibility.

Even if we locate five buttons called "furigana" "to read aloud" "color" that "mojio is big" "setting" in each page top right corner of homepage and we just click this button and read and do not download special software, we can perform sound reading and furigana indication of homepage, letter expansion or bridal change of dresses watches of the night.


We are readingWe read the whole sentence of the text (header and footer and side menu are not included) of page aloud.

FuriganaWe add furigana to letter and display.

mojio is bigWe greatly change size of page and display.

ColorWe change whenever we click color of screen in order of "standard" - "high contrast indication" - "low contrast indication" - "standard" and display.


About "we read aloud" "furigana" function, we will raise precision by dictionary registration functions of person's name, proper noun sequentially in the future.


Specification of breadcrumbs, section in charge

We give breadcrumbs that started from top page to all pages. We can grasp which position of the whole site page reading is at now.

[example] Top>To citizen's everybody>Town grow up public information paper; contact talksWait>, and be brought up; contact talk


In addition, we publish reference of each section in charge in the bottom (footer) of each page. We accept inquiries by telephone or email.


About offer of photograph

We have you provide a part of the image using for Otaru-shi homepage from photograph lovers free of charge.



Please note that we change contents without notice or Otaru-shi homepage may delete.

(reference) Otaru-shi homepage management administration summary (PDF60KB)


Guidance of Otaru-shi Facebook page

 For all of you, we established Otaru City Hall Facebook page so that city hall became an immediate.


Towards homepage where it is easy to use as for anyone

We will try for the making of homepage that it is easy to use more.

Please send opinion, inquiry to homepage from page of "opinion, inquiry input form".


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