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About links

Link to top page ( of Otaru-shi is free in principle. A prior contact is not necessary.

Please understand beforehand that we will ask to delete the link if the contents of the homepage linking to our site goes against laws, public order and morals.
(1) When it goes against laws, public order and morals
(2) When it may cause damage to a third party
(3) When we may let you damage Motoichi or lose trust of Motoichi

Contents of site of third party except Otaru-shi linking to from our homepage or our homepage are not under management of Otaru-shi. We won't accept responsability of any damage caused by using these pages.

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About copyrights

The individual information (sentences, photographs, illustrations) published on "the Otaru-shi homepage" becomes the object of the copyright. In addition, the whole "Otaru-shi homepage" also becomes the object of the copyright as an editing book, and is also protected by the Copyright Act.

You cannot reproduce, convert it without permission, except if these are cases accepted in the Copyright Act, like "reproduction for private use" or "quotation".


About disclaimers

"Otaru-shi homepage" tries for mention of correct information, but Otaru-shi does not take at all responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of our homepage.
About the damage, loss that covered as user accessed "Otaru-shi homepage" in Otaru-shi, we do not take any responsibility under any circumstance.




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