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Opinions / inquiries

Please send opinions / inquiries about the whole municipal administration to Otaru-shi.
The municipal administration management to come takes your opinion into account and replies if necessary from the post in charge. In addition, please send your impressions and demands about the homepage.
When answer is hoped for, please input the name, address, phone number, e-mail address by all means. We may verify the inquiry contents, but we won't use personal information besides for verification and answer purpose.
We send email (automatic reply email) of having accepted opinion, inquiry when we have e-mail address input.
※Email betting limits such as reception refusal on may not receive automatic reply email. You appoint Otaru-shi domain "" and receive, and please set.
※When e-mail address is not input definitely, please be careful as automatic reply email does not arrive.
Please note that you may need the days for answer.
We may not be able to answer inquiries that don't have direct connection with the municipal administration.
We can't answer to inquiries about business activities, political activities, religious activities, or other content that goes against public order and morals, about defamations to a specific individual or group and to inquiries where the purpose is uncertain.
We can't answer to urgent inquiries like disasters or first aid.

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