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School education support room

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Desk work division of duties

  1. Curriculum in school, learning instruction, thing about instruction advice of vocational counseling or other school administration.
  2. Thing about the handling of textbook and supplementary textbook.
  3. Thing about plan of school visit instruction and conduct.
  4. Thing about the training of teacher.
  5. Thing about student instruction.
  6. Thing about special support education.
  7. Thing about setting of school and the abolition.
  8. Thing about entrance to school of school-aged children and student, change studies and withdrawal from school.
  9. Organization organization of school and thing about school district.
  10. Thing about class organization.
  11. Thing about scholarship student.
  12. Thing about attendance at school support.
  13. Thing about survey by child and student statistics.
  14. Thing about allied event of school education.
  15. Thing about private school.
  16. Thing about contact adjustment with high school or other school education affiliates.
  17. Thing about school library librarian.
  18. Thing about community school.
  19. Thing about health of child and student.
  20. Thing about school hygiene.
  21. Thing about school security.
  22. Thing about school disaster mutual aid payment.
  23. Thing about medical aid based on the school hygiene security method (1958 law No. 56).
  24. Is going to enter school; thing about medical examination of child.
  25. Thing about contact adjustment with related organizations of school hygiene and group.



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