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Garbage weight loss promotion group

  1. Waste (we remove human waste. Have the same as follows; is thing about promotion such as weight loss of)
  2. Thing about promotion of exploitation of resources of waste
  3. Thing about promotion of appropriate disposal of waste and instruction
  4. Thing about wastes processing plan and collection of containers and packaging waste by type plan
  5. Thing about instruction supervision for permission and wastes handling of wastes processing business supplier
  6. Thing (we remove thing belonging to other jurisdiction.) about illegal dumping of waste, illegal destruction by fire
  7. Thing about registration, permission of company based on law (2002 law No. 87) about recycling of used car, instruction supervision
  8. Thing about administration of wastes last disposal ground and industrial waste last disposal ground and maintenance
  9. Things about enlightenment of environmental beautification such as prevention of dispersion of waste



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