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To tourists

When you have a problem with sudden disease or injury on the night or holiday during trip in Otaru-shi what medical facility we should suffer from, please refer to each national language version news.


 It is important to wear right knowledge and prophylaxis for infectious disease that there is infectious disease that occurs more than infectious disease and our country which there is not still in our country abroad and prevents that we infect these while we stay abroad. Please note about the infectious disease prevention enough to prevent infectious disease, and to be able to go on a comfortable trip by security.

 As we gather up infectious disease to want person worked as to warn foreign tour, please see page to "traveled abroad".

Please enjoy safe trip for relief.


General Information

 At the time of sudden illness

Health promotionAbout infectious disease|||The medical expenses furtheranceVaccination

Animal hygieneFood hygiene|||Environmental hygieneExamination, inspection

List of city medical institutionsMedical information|||Around public health center mapLast link concerned



Information about intractable disease

To all of the medical institutions

Disaster medical care

We will tell about medical relief plan in regional disaster prevention plan which Otaru-shi determines and medical correspondence at the time of disaster.

Notice (subsidy relations) from country, Hokkaido

Vacation rental service

About vacation rental service (simple accommodation business)

Information about perinatal medical care

Guidance of emergency pediatric service telephone consultation

Information of life hygiene facility concerned

Monthly schedule

Health administration (former Otaru-shi public health center annual report) of Otaru-shi

At Otaru-shi public health center, we make "the health government (former Otaru-shi public health center annual report) of Otaru-shi" which settled business summary and the results of hygiene administration.

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