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City hall government building plan

Main building (the sea side)

Main building (the sea side)
The third floor ■Plan policy room
■Assembly hall | ■Federation of Hokkaido city staff annuity person | ■The staff labor union secretariat
The second floor

■Mayor room | ■Deputy mayor room | ■Manager of General Affairs Department room | ■General Administration Division | ■Public information public hearing section | ■Municipal administration press club | ■Personnel Section

■Secretarial Division | ■The mayor visitor's room

The first floor

■Nursing Care Insurance Section | ■Counselor's office | ■Life support Lesson 1 | ■Life support Lesson 2 | ■Welfare manager room | ■Community-based welfare section

■Disability Welfare Division | ■The front entrance

General InformationPublic telephoneRestroom


Annex (mountain side)

Annex (mountain side)
The fifth floor

■General affairs department | ■Building house section | ■Shinkansen, urban development promotion room | ■City Planning Division | ■Parks and Greenery Section | ■Building Guidance Division

■Site management section | ■Construction manager room | ■Community Safety Section | ■Consumers center

⇒To firefighting the fifth floor of the government building

The fourth floor

■Environment Division | ■Garbage weight loss promotion section | ■Management section | ■Living environment manager room | ■Child care support room | ■Checkup committee room

■Audit Commission Secretariat | ■Election Administration Commission Secretariat | ■Industry Promotion Section | ■Commercial Administration Division

■Industrial harbor manager room | ■The third committee room

The third floor

■Liberal Democratic Party waiting room | ■Japanese Communist Party waiting room | ■Komeito waiting room | ■Constitutionalism, citizen's alliance waiting room | ■Independent waiting room
■Chairperson room | ■Vice-president room | ■City Council Secretariat | ■Secretary General of assembly room | ■First committee room | ■Second committee room | ■The first visitor's room

■The second visitor's room

The second floor ■Finance Section | ■Tax payment section | ■Property Tax Division | ■Municipal Tax Division | ■Contract administration of property section | ■Financial manager room | ■Exchange room Restroom
The first floor

■Accounts manager room | ■Accounting Division | ■Latter-stage elderly, welfare medical care section | ■Insurance storing section | ■National Health Insurance and National Pension Section | ■Medical insurance manager room
■Nursing Care Insurance Section (window) | ■Family Register and Resident Section | ■Municipal hall | ■Passport window | ■My number window | ■Nursing room

■Municipal administration material corner

General InformationATMNursing roomRestroom

Restroom for person with a physical disabilityOstomate-adaptive restroomBaby-adaptive restroom


■Library | ■Electric room | ■Stand | ■Health care room | ■Haircut | ■Duty room (the night, holiday window)

⇒The night, holiday doorway

Restroom for person with a physical disabilityOstomate-adaptive restroomRestroom



Firefighting government building (from annex)

Firefighting government building (from annex)
The sixth floor ■First meeting room | ■Anti-disaster measures room | ■Hall Restroom
The fifth floor ■Information Systems Section | ■Machine room | ■Receipt and disbursement bills processing room | ■Bills vault Restroom




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