Otaru tide (bull) festival

As for the Otaru tide Festival, Otaru citizen appreciated the sea and handed down the history and culture of Otaru in the next generation and we took advantage to pray for development of Otaru and began.

Schedule of the 53rd Otaru tide Festival was fixed.

On the next time, the 53rd Otaru tide Festival is carried out in schedule on Sunday for from Friday, July 26, 2019 to 28th.

The 52nd Otaru tide Festival was finished.

The 52nd Otaru tide Festival was finished.

The number of the visitors is 1,190,000 people.

The 52nd Otaru tide Festival summary

※On the day it takes traffic regulation in the neighborhood of venue. As there is not parking lot for exclusive use of event, please use public transport.

Traffic regulation places increase from last year.


Main event

The first day

Inform beginning of festival in the city (circulate); save, and "tide announcement" to dance downtown, and to walk is performed. In addition, there is daen of tide drum other than dedication of sacred water by open service, too. Furthermore, we carry out "great fireworks display" on the first day of festival.

The second day

Neighborhood association and school, company make each group, and "tide Nerikomi" to parade around in total is performed in music of sound of waves head from city center to port. We can participate casually alone, and there is echelon called "tobiiri DE dance corps", too.

The last day

Fishermen of Takashima, Shukutsu crosses fleet, and participate in marine parade; "last opportunity". "We foresee parade" which carries on the shoulder from each place, and hands gather, and does togo in the city miniature shrine (mikoshi portable shrine). And "great fireworks display" to give glory to the finale of festival is held.


 Tide announcement Main stage Tide Nerikomi start Mikoshi portable shrine parade Great fireworks display


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