Traffic in Otaru-shi

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Route bus

Reference: HOKKAIDO CHUO BUS Otaru station square terminal (the outside site), telephone: 0134-25-3333


About one getting on and off 240 yen for adults
120 yen for children
The city whole-day pass
(only as for the city uniform section)
※Whole-day pass releases in Otaru station square terminal, Otaru Canal terminal, Canal Plaza, the route bus inside of car in Otaru-shi.
(other than Otaru walk bus, you can ride the city line uniform fare section unlimitedly whole day)

800 yen for adults
400 yen for children


We introduce route bus in convenient Otaru-shi toward each area.

Route bus

The course name


Service time

(100)Otaru walk bus

※From Monday, April 6 to Thursday, April 23 suspension

We leave the Otaru station square and go around around Sakaimachi street.

[main stop] Otaru Canal, Kitaichi Glass, Marchen Crossroads

After that it is traveled the first train every 30 minutes until 17:40 at Otaru station square 9:40

(9)Tenguyama ropeway line

We leave Otaru Canal terminal and, by way of Otaru Station, go to the Tenguyama area.

[main stop] Tenguyama ropeway, Otaru art village (only to Otaru Canal terminal stops)

※Some service service becomes departing from and arriving at Otaru station square.

It travels in the daytime every 20 minutes

Tenguyama, Otaru night view bus for Tenguyama

[for a limited time]

Via main hotels in Otaru-shi, the Otaru station square, we go to Tenguyama.

[main stop] Grand park Otaru, river wagging Otaru, hotel Sonia, norudo, Inaho Crossroads (O Saint hotel neighborhood), Tenguyama ropeway

[service to be of from April 25, 2020 to November 3 almost every day]

18:12 from grand park Otaru, 19:02

20:17 from Tenguyama, 20:47

(10)Otaru aquarium line

We leave Otaru Canal terminal and, by way of Otaru Station, go to the Shukutsu area.

[main stop] General museum, Otaru distinguished guest building, Otaru aquarium

※Otaru aquarium can use (11) Shukutsu Line in front of Otaru Station.

It travels in the daytime every 60 minutes

Please see page of in detail central bus Otaru line including route map. (the outside site)


Periodical sightseeing bus


Periodical sightseeing bus (need reservations)
The course name Route Rate The time required Service period, time
Otaru base Tolley

We leave the Otaru station square and are course to be able to enjoy Otaru Canal and around Sakaimachi, Otaru including Tenguyama.

Lunch in grand park Otaru, sampling in Tanaka brewing carapace of a turtle storehouse, Tenguyama ropeway rate are bundled, too.

As for Japanese, tour guide guides Chinese, Korean, English by automatic sound.

Getting on and off in front of Sapporo Station is possible, too.

※For from April 1 to April 24, from November 4 to November 20, Tenguyama does not drop in.

Adult 6,400 yen, dwarf 4,050 yen (from April 25, 2020 to November 3)

Adult 5,500 yen, dwarf 3,550 yen (from April 1, 2020 to April 24, from November 4 to November 20)

(Otaru Station departure and arrival)

Seven hours

Service period: Until November 20, 2020


Service time: Otaru Station anticipation 10:05

For more information about course, please see page of "central bus commuter pass sightseeing". (the outside site)

Telephone: 0134-25-3333


Sightseeing taxi

Reference: Association of Otaru car for hire, telephone: 0134-21-3002

Sightseeing taxi

Sightseeing route name

Sightseeing route

The time required Service period
A route
(course at the same level as town)
The Otaru Station (or hotel) - Ironai outskirts, canal walk road others 1 hour 30 minutes All year
B route
(the tide course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - Asahi Scenic Observatory, canal walk road others 2 hours 30 minutes From May 1 to October 31
C route
(Malin course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - Ironai, around Sakaimachi, former Nippon Yusen - canal walk road others Three hours
D route
(the sky course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - glass studio, Ginrinso - canal walk road ... former Nippon Yusen others 3 hours 30 minutes
E route
(literature course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) ... multi-joy two sentences study monument - Osamu Ito literature monument - municipal institution Literature Museum others Four hours
F route
(Shakotan course)
Others in Otaru Station (or hotel) - Yoichi Nikka - power of God cape walk - grace Six hours All year
  • Sightseeing route fare assumes advance payment, and admission charges of each facility do not include.
  • When we change route on the way, it is paid the difference with previous fare by time system fare. It becomes change for a meter wage race afterward.
  • Jumbo, medium-sized taxi <reservation necessary ari>/minicab (> that on the day there is no possible <reservation need if it is the use from the city center)
  • Please refer to association of Otaru car for hire for fare.



Marine sightseeing ship

Reference: Sightseeing in Otaru promotion public corporation (the outside site), telephone: 0134-29-3131

Marine sightseeing ship
Route Rate (as for primary schoolchild or younger, at half price) The time required
Shukutsu route
(one way)
800 yen 20 minutes
Otamoi route A course
(arrival at ... Otaru Port from Otaru Port)
3,000 yen 1 hour 30 minutes
B course
(arrival at ... Shukutsu Port from Otaru Port)
2,400 yen One hour five minutes
C course
(arrival at from Shukutsu Port - Otaru Port)
2,400 yen One hour five minutes
D course
(arrival at from Shukutsu Port - Shukutsu Port)
1,600 yen 40 minutes

Navigation period: It travels on day on every Monday (holiday) for from Saturday, April 20, 2019 to October 14.


In addition, as for Cruise information, please see list of tourist facilities (leisure, cruising, sightseeing ship).




Company name The location Telephone (0134) Car model
Toyota Renta lease Sapporo (the outside site) 4-7-7, Inaho, Otaru-shi 27-0100 Car, microbus
Toyota Renta lease Shinsapporo (the outside site) 2-22-1, Inaho, Otaru-shi 29-0100 Car, microbus
Times car rental Otaru store (the outside site) 1-5-5, Ironai, Otaru-shi 32-6767 Car
Label barrel sightseeing service 4-7-31, Nagahashi, Otaru-shi 33-6003 Microbus



Company name The location Telephone Rate Business period and time
Sightseeing in Otaru promotion public corporation (the outside site) 4-2, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi 0134-24-9477 It is 500 yen, 2,000 yen a day until two hours

From April to October

9:30-17:00 (in the reception desk until 14:30)

charinkootaru (the outside site) 2-7-9, Inaho, Otaru-shi 0134-32-6861 From one hour 400 yen, 1st (5-8 hours) 1,500 yen

The summer no rest (closed at the time of heavy rain)
8:00-22:00 (the summer peak hour)

Phosphorus (the outside site) which came 3-22-2, Inaho, Otaru-shi 070-5605-2926

Until two hours 1,000 yen

It requires reservation up to two days before

From the end of April to November (in the case of Sundays and holidays, as for from July to September, without holiday the next day on Wednesday on regular holiday. In the case of bad weather including rainy weather, strong wind temporary closure)

9:00-18:30 (only on Sunday 6:30-18:30)

Otaru sightseeing rent-a-bicycle COTARU (the outside site) 2-16-20, Inaho, Otaru-shi 0134-31-5505

One hour 600 yen

・Early-morning plan (6:30-10:30): 500 yen

・Dusk plan (16:30-20:30): 600 yen

From the end of April to November

As for the business hours, it fluctuates by season.



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