Asarikawa onsen-go

Asarikawa onsen-go (loop View from the Bridge)Asato Dam shore

 From city to the Sapporo area, there is Asarikawa onsen known as back room of Otaru where Mikata was surrounded in mountain by car to 30 minutes.
It has been conveyed here "landing of deer" and reason, that there was hot spring for a long time because bathing attracted deer.

 It is said that spring quality is effective in muscular pain and neuralgia, relieving fatigue with sodium calcium chloride spring.
Furthermore, Loop Bridge is connected to height of Asato Dam when we advance to the depths.
We can look around the scenery overlooking hot-spring resort fantastically on the way to the sea.

 At man-made lake which Asato Dam completed in autumn of 1993 was dammed up by dam, and was done, it was named "Lake otarunai" by citywide competition.
otarunai neighborhood of the lake side is maintained as shore park, and, other than recreation zone and picnic zone, tennis that we can enjoy walk and picnic with family and entertainment district that can play gate ball, there are facilities such as the dam Memorial, too and is full of many people.
In addition, there is sports facility around hot-spring resort, too and golfs in the summertime and can enjoy skiing in winter.
It enters hot spring after sports, and it sweats, and it is particular to smack the lips to local cuisine which we used fresh, abundant wild plants and fishery products for abundantly.


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