Local products Internet shopping site "Otaru family"

Summary of local products Internet shopping site

There is many food-related manufacturing industry including cake and alcoholic beverages including processed marine products, and, also, Otaru-shi is famous for crafts such as glass nationwide, too.

We carry out "the Internet shop" by operational management of association of Otaru product to send such local products to all of you of the whole country.

Local products Internet shop site "Otaru family"

"Otaru family" opened on October 31, 2009. We are publishing about 300 products or seasonal information of Otaru having production and sales in the Otaru city and Shiribeshi jurisdiction now. It introduces various products, but it can purchase even from one, and it is one of the characteristics of "Otaru family" that the postage becomes free of charge when temperature obi is different, and purchased amount exceeds a certain amount.

Seasonal special product, "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day", we plan gift special feature at every one-year various events including the "midsummer gift" "year-end present".

In addition, please inflect by all means as you are going to place product developed by association of Otaru product "product development project" at any time.

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 We have special product of Otaru, Shiribeshi jurisdiction in "Otaru families". Thing published below is an example of products.

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Bekomochi taramirin airing Smoke Sakura; bacon Sea urchin lemon pop Daiginjo Takaragawa


Wasanbon roll
Grain candied fish
We stand and dry herring
How much is it?

There are a large number of products as well as publication. Please see "Otaru family" by all means. (all the photographs are images)


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