Food, processing and production of craft

Food, processing and production of craft
Facility name The location Business period, time Closed day Visit charges Traffic from around Otaru Station Telephone
(area code 0134)
Otaru beer Zenibako brewery (the outside site)
(visit to brewery tour)
3-263-19, Zenibako We observe between 10:00-18:00 and start
Once one set 1 hour 30 minutes
New Year holidays From one set of four or more to 40 people
800 yen
It is 600 yen more than 15 people
Free of charge younger than primary schoolchild
There is others meal course, too
It is five minutes by taxi from JR Zenibako Station


※Reservation required
(in the general course until three days ago
In the meal course until seven days ago)

Otaru Soko No. 1 (the outside site) 5-4, Minatomachi

Visit start that we were able to decide every 11:10-19:10, 30 minutes

Time required about 20 minutes

Having no days off Free of charge A 15-minute walk 21-2323
(kamaboko factory) (the outside site)
3-7, Sakaimachi 10:00-12:30,
Factory is irregularity on Sunday; Wednesday (as for the season, there is change in summer vacation)
On from December 1 to December 31, New Year's Day, it is impossible of visit
Free of charge By "Otaru walk bus"
Getting off in front of the Kamaei head office is immediate


※In the case of group, it requires reservation

North seeing studies studio (the outside site) 6-7, Sakaimachi Hot work 9:30-16:30
Lamp work 9:30-17:45
Hot work Tuesday
Lamp work Thursday
Free of charge By "Otaru walk bus"
After the getting off in front of Kitaichi Glass, it is a 1-minute walk
Fukagawa glass crafts (the outside site) 2-3, Arihorocho 8:00-17:30 Saturday and Sunday (besides, there is no fixed holiday) Free of charge By "Otaru walk bus"
After the getting off in front of Kitaichi Glass, it is a 3-minute walk
Tanaka brewing carapace of a turtle storehouse (the outside site) 2-2, Nobukacho 9:00-18:00 Having no days off Free of charge ・By "parute Chikko Line"
Tanaka sake brewery carapace of a turtle Kuramae getting off
・A 5-minute walk from JR Minami Otaru Station


※20 or more require reservation

Hokkaido wine (the outside site) Asarikawa onsen 1-130 9:00-17:00 The summer no rest
It is closed on Sundays and holidays, second fourth Saturday in the winter season
The factory tour is part-time schooling system
Free of charge It is taxi from Otaru Station
About 20 minutes


※Reservation required

In addition, in the facility performing the factory tour, please see page (the outside site) of native of Hokkaido supporter (Hokkaido Sangyo personnel training network).


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