The others (ropeways)

The others (leisure)
Facility name The location Business period, time Holiday Rates Traffic from around Otaru Station Telephone
(area code 0134)
Village (the outside site) of Otaru nature 1, Tenguyama From May 7 to October 31 9:00-17:00 Having no days off during period Campfire 10,000 yen It is 20 minutes by car 25-1701
Shukutsu Malin land (the outside site) 3-303, Shukutsu From May 7 to October 11
(it fluctuates by season)
Having no days off during period Vehicle is charged It is a 1-minute walk after terminal getting off in bus "(11) Otaru aquarium" 33-1400
Tenguyama, Otaru ropeway (the outside site) 2-16-15, Mogami

(the summer business) from May 7 to November 23


Having no days off during period
(there is that we are suspended by weather)
Round-trip 1,400 yen
Round-trip 700 yen
・Terminal gets off by bus "(9) Tenguyama ropeway" 33-7381
Haruka hose lunch (the outside site) 397, Harukacho

Summer 10:00-16:00 (the last start)

Winter season 10:00-15:00 (the last start)

(we do business on holiday)
Hose trekking
50 minutes course 5,400 yen, 90 minutes course 9,720 yen
It is ten minutes by taxi from JR Zenibako Station 62-4635


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