Winter sports

Play only by winter to be able to enjoy easily is varied. As well as ski and snowboarding, there are the following things.

  • Snow shoes

We met in old days and are attached to the back of shoes similar to "snowshoe" and are tool walking over snow. Heel comes to move to be comfortable to walk in.

  • Ski Shoo

It is ski which is shameless, and is short (120-140cm in length). What's called "seal" which prevented you from slipping backward was put and was suitable for mountain climbing. Place to be able to wear with boots is attractive.

  • Ski (cross-country) which walks

Unlike thing sliding down slope, invention to go ahead through flat place, and to climb slope uses given skis. It is thin, and width is made with 5-6cm very lightly, and there is not metal edge, too. It bends like bow, and the area that is in condition not to take the weight, and anterior end and posterior extremity ground, and picks up foot of the middle comes to float.

  • Snowkiting

By safe Kite, we can get close even to anyone while we run at full speed over snow with snowboarding and ski while controlling big Kaito (kite), and action that it is new sports in winter to let out dynamic jump and trick, and is loud gets a lot of looks.

※Play in the snowy mountains needs knowledge and experience of winter mountain. Please keep enough preparations in mind.

Winter sports
Type Application and meeting place Period, time Holiday Rates Traffic from around Otaru Station Telephone
(area code 0134)
We experience on ski snowboarding 1st Tenguyama family (the outside site)

The late December and late March

Reception hours 9:30

Experience-based start 10:00

Having no days off during period 9,800 yen
For lift 1-day ticket (until 16:00), class two hours,
Rental ski or snowboarding, wear are insured
Terminal gets off by bus "(9) Tenguyama ropeway" Tengu Yamasu north season
(need reservations)
Snow shoes ski Shoo tour

Win KEL village (the outside site)

(Asarikawa onsen)

From December to the middle of May

(we perform in spring in place of high altitudes.)


Tour time around two hours

Having no days off during period Two ...
4800 yen per person
(with guide, drink, cookie, accident insurance)

There are rentals such as wear, boots, too
It is a 2-minute walk after Banjo, Onsen getting off in bus "(13) Asarikawa onsen"

(need reservations)

Reception desk business hours


Snow shoes ski Shoo rental Tenguyama, Otaru skiing area (the outside site)

The early December and late March

Having no days off during period Snow shoes or ski Shoo
Ropeway set
One hour 1,500 yen
By bus "(9) Tenguyama ropeway"
Terminal getting off
Ski rental to walk Park athletic ground that waits from this The early January and the end of March
On Monday
(Monday at the age of holiday the next day)
Free of charge Park getting off to wait for from "in bus (7) Mogami-machi" Otaru-shi Board of Education
The life Sports Division
32-4111 (extension number 318)
Snowkiting school Zenibako yacht harbor (the outside site) From January to April Having no days off

One hour experience

(one application) 4,200 yen

It is 3,780 yen (per two applications)

Half day experience

(one application) 10,500 yen

It is 9,450 yen (per two applications)

There is no lunch in experience and brings ski or snowboard

It is five minutes by car from JR Zenibako Station 62-2411

※As you go in each skiing area, please refer to each for rental of ski


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