Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal imageOtaru Port developed as doorway of Hokkaido reclamation. We unloaded using barge (daisen), but load quantity to deal with increased, and need to perform carrying task effectively came out to the offing by big ship in those days night. It is "Otaru Canal" that there was by filling up sea level to lengthen distance that lighter can come alongside the pier.

Because Otaru Canal is completed in 1923 and we fill up offing of the shore and were made not canal which digs the inland, and was crowded, what curve not straight line gently characterizes.

However, the times change, and the mission will tell the end by maintenance of wharf (futou) quay of port if it becomes after the war.

In 1986, canal filled up a part after debate over landfill for ten several years, and half of width became road, and paths of walk and town garden was reborn in maintained current figure.
Full length of canal is 1140m, and, as for the width, as for the part along Rinkosen Street, 20m, the northern part (under an alias: north canal) become 40m on the way with being original.
63 gaslights are installed in walk road, and there remains as figure at the time, and stone warehouse group along canal is reused in restaurants.
We burn, and stone warehouse group is lighted up, and, at dusk, gaslight creates atmospheres different in the daytime.


North canal where figure same as old days remainsOtaru Canal to burn gaslightOld Otaru CanalCanal where flirting ice was set

Facility information

FenceFence is doing white birch which is tree of city in motif.




MonumentThere are three monuments along the canal.




Walk roadIn the walk road, dice-formed granite is buried in ginkgo design.




ReliefRelief about the history of Otaru is fitted in four places of pocket space.




Asakusa Bridge town gardenPhotography spot includes tourist information center in famous Asakusa Bridge town garden, too.




Otaru YukiakarinomichiIt becomes venue of event Otaru Yukiakarinomichi in winter.




Neighboring information



It is an 8-minute walk from JR Otaru Station



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