Crafts production experience

Crafts production experience (reservation required)
Facility name The location Business period, time Holiday Experience charges (indication) Traffic from the JR Otaru Station outskirts Telephone
(area code 0134)
Otaru candle studio (the outside site) 1-27, Sakaimachi 10:00-18:30
Experience-based reception desk 10:00-17:00
New Year holidays

Candle production

1,080 yen ...

A 15-minute walk 24-5880
Light, Aya (color) of Otaru glass (the outside site) 1-18, Sakaimachi

Summer 9:30-18:00

Winter season 10:00-17:00

New Year's Day Gel candle 1,728 yen By "Otaru walk bus"
After Sakaimachi getting off, it is a 1-minute walk
Otaru iruponte (the outside site) Ironai 2-1-19


(experience-based last reception desk 17:00)

Without holiday (maintenance of New Year holidays and two times a year)

As for the leather products, it is 1,000 yen ...

A 10-minute walk

Katagiri Buddhist altar shop atelier piano (the outside site) 4-5-3, Irifune


(as for the winter period until 17:30)

Sundays and holidays

(open throughout the year from April)

We put gold leaf

Do; 1,500 yen

Small dish 1,900 yen

Getting off before the bus industrial opening by "(4) (5) Yamanote Line" in front of Katagiri Buddhist altar shop atelier piano 23-1309
Village (the outside site) of Otaru nature 1, Tenguyama
The national forests and fields 4152
From May 1 to October 31 9:00-17:00 Having no days off during period

Craft experience

Bamboo dragonfly 300 yen

Kaleidoscope 400 yen

It requires reservation up to ten days before

It is 20 minutes by car 25-1701


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