Recommendated information for the season, autumn

November, 2019 update

We are imaged in autumn

Climate and clothes

The first snow of the year falls from late October through early November, but may hardly become lingering snow.

Autumn climate and clothes
  The best mean temperature The minimum mean temperature Clothes
September 21.7 degrees Celsius 13.8 degrees Celsius On day that is cold depending on day. Ensemble is recommended
October 15.5 degrees Celsius 7.4 degrees Celsius As wind is cold, there should be jacket.
November 7.9 degrees Celsius 1.2 degrees Celsius Jacket + long sleeves inner. It is for winter for the end

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Gourmet information

Autumn seasonal marine products are giant clam abalones.
Giant clam is caught in spring, but the male body is firm in autumn, and it is said that giant clam caught in foreshore of Otaru is bigger than general thing.

※"Otaru mantis shrimp festival" that we performed for poor catch of giant clam in November in usual is not held this year.


It is season of liquor in autumn. Near Katsunaigawa River flowing through the Otaru city, there is sake brewery, and goods delivered from a warehouse can step back young sake. There is factory of wine and beer, too, and a lot of events in connection with liquor are held, too.

As for the autumn event information, please see this.

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Autumn Otaru to look at with picture

We introduce seasonal taste of state and market of tourist attraction that has begun to feel autumn with colored leaves.

Otaru sightseeing DVD autumn edition (we move to the outside site YouTube site.)


In addition, as for the picture of Otaru, please see this page.

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Autumn information

Colored leaves

It is autumn, and mountain changes color, too. In season of colored leaves, a lot of colored leaves spots are in Otaru-shi including Asato Dam shore garden.


otarunai lake

There is Asato Dam in place where we went up Loop Bridge from 1 on the way on the way to Jozankei. otarunai lake means lake dammed up by dam. Forest surrounding otarunai lake around turns red and yellow, and the best time to see is from the middle of October to the end in usual. In the outskirts, shore park is maintained and can enjoy sports such as tennis casually (we propose to the Otaru-shi life Sports Division).
In addition, there is "dam memorial hall" introducing history of Asato Dam to, and there are walk road and arbor in the outskirts, too and is the best to take a walk while looking at lake. Look around colored leaves of the neighboring mountains from fine-view open space and can enjoy whole view and scenery of dam.
Asato Dam shore garden

Temiya Park

About 230 chestnuts forests are said to be northern limit for natural forest which there is. It is got close to citizen as chestnut picking and walk, place of hiking. It is the middle of October in the best time to see. Temiya Botanical Garden is in garden, and there are consultation corner, exhibition room, sun parlor by specialized instructor in green counselor's office.
Temiya Park

Nagahashi Naebo Park

The middle of October is at their best. "Natural hall of forest" in garden becomes information center of Naebo Park. There are many wild trees turning yellow generally, and red of maple growing in the backside of natural hall of forest shines. We are known as natural life observation park and may encounter wild bird and ezorisu.
Nagahashi Naebo Park



The winter season suspension of traffic

City street to each tourist facility and prefectural road become suspension of traffic for the winter season.

(there is change by the snow situation.)

※November 12, 2019 postscript: By the snowy situation, closed schedule of city street Matsuyama Line was changed. We change from Wednesday, November 20 to Thursday, November 14.

The winter season suspension of traffic (plan)
City street

Road (city street Tenguyama sightseeing line) which reaches the Tenguyama mountaintop from Hokusho High School ground

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
City street Road (city street Matsuyama Line) which reaches Asahi Scenic Observatory from Otaru commercial high school Thursday, November 14, 2019
Prefectural road

It is night suspension of traffic of Asaritoge Tunnel from Loop Bridge entrance (prefectural road Jozankei, Otaru Line)

(suspension of traffic time: for from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.)

Friday, November 1, 2019


The winter season closure facility

Visit to culture facility is closed for the winter season next tourist facility and history.
The winter season closure facility
Facility name Closing day Reference
Temiya cave preservation building From Tuesday, November 5 0134-33-2523 (Otaru Museum)
Otaru City Nishin Goten From Monday, November 25 0134-22-1038
Asato Dam memorial hall From Tuesday, November 5 0134-52-0241
Village (the outside site) of Otaru nature From Friday, November 1 0134-25-1701
Temiya Botanical Garden From November 4 (month, shinkyu) 0134-22-7773
Natural hall of Naebo Park forest From Monday, November 11 0134-27-6061
Navigation such as ship (sightseeing ship), yacht is finished, too.


Encouraging information

  • White small insect of buttocks called "snow insect" flies before it snows.

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Autumn event information

There are a lot of events of meal in autumn. Annual sightseeing event planned autumn


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