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March, 2020 update

Spring Otaru

Climate and clothes

Snow is still left on street in March, the beginning of April, and a lot of puddle and ice are in a slippery state in step.

Spring climate and clothes
  The best mean temperature The minimum mean temperature Clothes
March 3.4 degrees Celsius -2.8 degrees Celsius Winter clothing. Shoes (shoes grippy warmly) are good in winter.
April 10.5 degrees Celsius 2.5 degrees Celsius Inner long-sleeved to light overcoat.
May 16.2 degrees Celsius 7.3 degrees Celsius As wind is cold, there should be jacket.

Gourmet information

Spring seasonal marine products are herring giant clam, sweet shrimp.
It was also called herring (we swell), and herring was caught at the Sea of Japan coast of Hokkaido including Otaru in particular well in old days. When the 30, Showa generation begins, we were hardly caught, but in late years catch of fish rises again. In addition, consecutive, phenomenon called "group next" (kuki) where the sea becomes muddy white in laying eggs and hosei of herring when it is spring is confirmed from 2008.

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Spring Otaru to look at with picture

Spring information


It is season of flower in spring. Snow in the city melts more and more, too, and town changes color.

Main spring flower and best time to see of Otaru

Dogtooth violet and Corydalis ambigua 

Spring flower and best time to see
The best time to see Flower
The middle of April Pheasant's-eye, skunk cabbage
The end of April Skunk cabbage, dogtooth violet, Corydalis ambigua, tusk nanoAmana
The beginning of May himeichige, Kita Magnolia Kobus, ezoyamazakura, Miyama violet, Viola vaginata
The middle of May otachitsubosumire, Nagahashi violet, ezotampopo
The end of May Rhododendron Albrechti

The highlight of flower

In Otaru Beach scenic-viewing road, wild azalea, Rhododendron Albrechti are seen on stock and promenade of himeichige around red rocky mountain. We live in stock of skunk cabbage on path stock of immediate Corydalis ambigua tusk Noah mana from parking lot in Nagahashi Naebo Park and have a lot of highlight including ezotampopo in forest. Various types of violets are a pleasure in Asahi Scenic Observatory from dogtooth violet, the middle of May.

Famous spot for its cherry blossoms

Suspension of traffic cancellation

We are going to cancel city street, prefectural road to each tourist facility had the closure between the winter season of No thoroughfare from the next schedule.

Schedule (plan) of cancellation closed for the winter season
City street Road (city street Tenguyama sightseeing line) which reaches the Tenguyama mountaintop from Mogami Friday, April 17
City street Road (city street Matsuyama Line) which reaches Asahi Scenic Observatory from Midori

Friday, April 10

Prefectural road From Loop Bridge entrance becoming closed by night of Asaritoge Tunnel is opened all day (prefectural road Jozankei, Otaru Line) Monday, April 21


Spring opening

Tourist facility and visit to history, culture facility closed for the winter season open. (April 30 update)

For extended prevention of coronavirus infectious disease, please note that you may be closed temporarily.

Spring opening information
Facility name The opening (business) period Reference
Temiya cave preservation building We are closed for the time being 0134-33-2523 (Otaru Museum)
Otaru City Nishin Goten From Wednesday, April 8 to November 23 Monday (holiday) 0134-22-1038
Asato Dam memorial hall We are closed for the time being 0134-52-0241
Village (the outside site) of Otaru nature From Thursday, May 7 to Saturday, October 31 0134-25-1701
Temiya Botanical Garden From Thursday, May 7 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday) 0134-22-7773
Natural hall of Naebo Park forest From Saturday, April 11 to Tuesday, November 10 0134-27-6061

Service such as ships (sightseeing ship) begins, too.

City festival schedule

Many Shinto shrines are in Otaru-shi. Festival is held in each place from May.



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Spring event information

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