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June, 2020 update

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Climate and clothes

There are few rainy days in summer of Otaru and is refreshing climate having low humidity.
It may be tropical day more than 30 degrees Celsius depending on day.

Summer climate and clothes
  The best mean temperature The minimum mean temperature Clothes
June 19.8 degrees Celsius 11.9 degrees Celsius On day that is cold depending on day. Ensemble is recommended
July 23.8 degrees Celsius 16.6 degrees Celsius It is convenient at night as wind becomes cold when there is one piece of long sleeve.
August 25.5 degrees Celsius 18.2 degrees Celsius It is convenient at night as wind becomes cold when there is one piece of long sleeve.

Gourmet information

Summer seasonal marine products are sea urchin hokki scallops.
We call ezobafununi red, ganze in market of Otaru and call Kita Anthocidaris crassispina white, nuna.
How about trying difference in taste?

There are a lot of ice-cream cone ice cream people in Otaru!
Shops where production and sales did ice cream for the first time in long ice-cream cone person and ice person of oddball (sea urchin ikasumi, natto), Hokkaido which are around 20 centimeters vary.


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Summer Otaru to look at with picture

Summer information

Otaru nature walk map

Promenade full of nature is maintained near the town, and it is charm of nature of Otaru that is gone casually. We just run by car from Otaru Canal for approximately ten minutes and can touch molding of stock of beautiful dogtooth violet and the violent shore. In beautiful nature of Otaru, do you not stretch out foot only just a little "to the people in the know?"

Scenic-viewing road

The 54th Otaru tide Festival was called off.

The Otaru tide Festival appreciated the sea which brought prosperity in Otaru and we handed down history and culture of Otaru in the next generation and we took advantage to pray for development of Otaru and began. Folk art "tide drum" (the outside site) which we formed with the first Otaru tide Festival holding in 1967 enlivens. It is summer feature to reach the 53rd this year. Events are varied, but neighborhood association and school, company cross each group backed by "the tide dance song" which Bihoro Ken sings "tide leading" that Haruo Minami sings, and fireworks festival performed "the tide Nerikomi" to parade around from the central part of the city to port on the first day and the last day dyes "town" to "one color of festival".

The Otaru tide Festival

City festival schedule

Many Shinto shrines are in Otaru-shi. It is this season that there is festival called Otaru three big festival!

Encouraging information

Summer event information

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