Recommendated information for the season, winter

December, 2019 update

Winter Otaru

Climate and clothes

A lot of snow is low season of temperature. Enough cold protection measures including coat and jacket of the things are necessary in winter. In addition, preparation for shoes which are grippy not to fall down in snow-covered road.

Winter climate and clothes
  The best mean temperature The minimum mean temperature Clothes
December 1.8 degrees Celsius -3.6 degrees Celsius
  • Thick coat, jacket, down jacket are warm.
  • Sweater and layering.
  • Shoes with groove where sole is thick.
  • Hiding hat of ear, ear expectation, scarf, gloves.
January -0.9 degrees Celsius -6.3 degrees Celsius
February -0.3 degrees Celsius -6.0 degrees Celsius

Slipper attachment which we can just attach to shoes wearing sells in airport and kiosk, shoe store, convenience store and Canal Plaza.

About how to walk way, winter information look at "winter course, snow" in winter.

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Gourmet information

Miller's thumbWinter seasonal marine products are miller's thumb cod olive flounders.

Fresh fish landed in the sea near the shore of Otaru are available in market. At this time when cooling is intense, warm pan is the best recommended!

There is shop providing in restaurant in the city.

Seasonal information of marine products

Please see this.


This season with many opportunities to eat sweets including Christmas, New Year holidays, Valentine.
As for a lot of people that a lot of sweets restaurants come for that in Otaru.
Other than confectioneries such as cake and chocolate or cookie, trip around well-established rice cake, Japanese confectionery shop is recommended, too.


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Winter Otaru to look at with picture

We introduce tourist attraction and skiing area, state of winter event to be able to enjoy even in winter.

Otaru sightseeing DVD winter edition (we move to outside site YouTube.)


In addition, as for the picture of Otaru, please see this page. 

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Winter information

Skiing area

Otaru is said to be town of ski. Quality of snow was good, too and produced many excellent skiers in the past. As there are three skiing areas, and access is good and can rent tool, we can enjoy even if it is empty-handed and performs.


Please see page of the list of tourist facilities leisure "skiing area".

Winter course, snow

From the middle of December, it becomes lingering snow, and quantities of snow increase more and more. Step is established on road and the sidewalk, and icicle hangs down in the eaves of building.
Town which turned white is very beautiful, but has a lot of danger. You are careful about feet, and please take a walk slowly safely.

The points walking way safely in winter are this!

  • Let's know slippery place!
  • Let's know good how to walk that is hard to fall down!
  • Let's spray sand of sander on slippery place!

Winter play

Play only by winter to be able to enjoy easily is varied. As well as ski and snowboarding, it varies with snow shoes, ski Shoo, walking ski, Snow schuit, snowkiting.


About rental, please see page of inner "winter sports" in list of tourist facilities leisure. 

※Play in the snowy mountains needs knowledge and experience of winter mountain. Please keep enough preparations in mind.

Otaru Yukiakarinomichi

Fantastic winter event that warm light of candle picks up old cityscape of Otaru kindly.
Kind light including Snow tunnel of Temiya line venue to burn picks up the city warmly, and floating ball candle of about 200 twinkling on the surface of the water of canal, Snow candle which is fantastic, and projects walk road, soft light treat arriving.

Please see page of Otaru Yukiakarinomichi.

Otaru Yukiakarinomichi, canal venueOtaru Yukiakarinomichi, wax bowl

The winter season suspension of traffic

City street to the next tourist facility and prefectural road are suspension of traffic between the winter season.

The winter season suspension of traffic
City street Road (city street Tenguyama sightseeing line) which reaches the Tenguyama mountaintop from Hokusho High School ground
City street Road (city street Matsuyama Line) which reaches Asahi Scenic Observatory from Otaru commercial high school
Prefectural road It is night suspension of traffic of Asaritoge Tunnel from Loop Bridge entrance (prefectural road Jozankei, Otaru Line)
(suspension of traffic time: for from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.)

We will tell about opening in spring information.

The winter season closure facility

Visit to culture facility is during closure for the winter season next tourist facility and history.

We will tell about opening in spring information.

Encouraging information

Winter event information

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