To foreign travelers

When we travel in Otaru city and Japan, we introduce convenient information and Japanese rule or manner.

JNTO call center

When there are fever or respiratory organs symptom for visit to Japan foreigner tourist by call center (JapanVisitorHotline) and official SNS (Twitter, way baud) which can be accepted by multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean) 365 days in Japanese Government tourist bureau (JNTO) for 24 hours, we encourage that we have a medical examination to medical institution after having performed advance notice.


About taking picture of photograph

To all of you that trip to Otaru is planned.

Photography is indispensable thing, but we are absorbed in shooting, and, as memory of trip, act to disturb traffic is often founded.

As photography of road in Funamizaka Street in particular is dangerous, let's stop.

We follow rule, and pleasant trip, please.

We can exchange money in Canal Plaza.

Foreign currency changemaker is installed in Canal Plaza (Ironai 2-1-20), and 12 kinds of exchanges are possible in the business hours of Canal Plaza (there is usually change by 9:00-18:00, season).

  1. The United States (the dollar)
  2. Europe (the euro)
  3. China (the cause)
  4. Korea (won)
  5. The U.K. (pound)
  6. Hong Kong (the dollar)
  7. Taiwan (the dollar)
  8. Singapore (the dollar)
  9. Thailand (bhat)
  10. Malaysia (ringgit)
  11. Australia (the dollar)
  12. The Philippines (peso)


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