The Otaru-shi sightseeing getting into number of visitors

It is public announcement data of the Otaru-shi sightseeing getting into number of visitors. (first half of 2005 ...)

[latest] 2019 entire period summary (June 2 announcement)


About sightseeing tax

We hold well-informed person meeting based on "well-informed person meeting setting summary affecting Otaru-shi sightseeing tax introduction" on examining sightseeing tax introduction toward new finance affecting sightseeing promotion.

Sightseeing promotion by location tourism

 We visit locations such as movie or drama and thoroughly enjoy scenery and meal and are tourism to connect with regional activation.

Otaru tourist city declaration

It was decided in Otaru-shi assembly third regular assembly in 2008. "Otaru tourist city declaration" - "now is disposition ... of"



Otaru-shi sightseeing basic plan

We succeeded Otaru-shi sightseeing basic plan established in 2006 and devised "the second Otaru-shi sightseeing basic plan" as guideline of sightseeing promotion of the next ten years.

Otaru-shi Cityscape Prize

About improvement and urban development of cityscape, we were set for the purpose of raising interest by commending buildings which harmonized with history and climate of Otaru in 1988.

Otaru-shi tourist change investigation

It is change and intention, basic information for future sightseeing measure promotion including change of consumption amount of money about tourist visiting Otaru-shi and investigation intended that we do.


The making of sightseeing in machinaka turnout investigation

It is market, line of flow about sightseeing in Otaru to investigate policy to let economic effect of sightseeing in Otaru spread to existing mall and restaurant, change survey according to country by foreign tourist.

Sightseeing innovation business

Proposal to establishment of new organization "Otaru version DMO" of sightseeing spot management and investigation, analysis of historic resources, sightseeing vision, monitoring of landing type tour

We think about sightseeing in Otaru

We edited thing which we published in public information Otaru again. Called "leading role citizen as for the sightseeing urban development", with subtitle, introduce in voice of various fields.


Otaru, Kita-Shiribeshi wide area cooperation business

Six Kita-Shiribeshi cooperates and work on promotion for increase of the number of the foreign tourists in area.

The north canal sightseeing strategy

It is plan that gathered up directionality of redevelopment of the north canal and neighboring areas to raise charm of time consumption type, stay type sightseeing.

Forest realization examination report of Otaru

It is report which settled business plan, profitability for embodiment of "proposal for sightseeing in Tenguyama promotion" (forest plan of Otaru).


Otaru-shi foreign tourist acceptance seminar

We hold seminar for the purpose of maintenance and personnel training of the acceptance system of foreign tourist.


Foreign hospitality tool

We made "hospitality tool" to be able to help with correspondence to foreign tourist. Please inflect as waiting on customers and the training in tourist facilities, tool of guidance.


Otaru sightseeing information magazine

"Shiningly Otaru" that issued from 2001 of "happily Otaru" that issued afterwards from 2012 publish back number. (the end of the issuance)

Sightseeing basics map

We unify names of street and facility, and let's make map.



About correspondence at the time of disaster

We made manual which set basic action of person concerned with city and sightseeing of interval before tourists coming home safely after disaster occurred.


We won

Sightseeing promotion by rorikawa

We send charm of town to keyword in "kawaii" (pretty) becoming world common language.

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