Sightseeing in Otaru access guide

Many foreign tourists visit Otaru including each East Asia country.
However, there seem to be a lot of people feeling anxiety for movement from traffic base to destination (main sightseeing spots).
Therefore "language for facilitating was barrier-free movement of foreign tourist in Otaru-shi by Japan Tourism Agency, and, for solution to such problem, investigation" business was performed, and Otaru-shi and related organizations, traffic company pushed forward examination about necessary maintenance.
It is "sightseeing in Otaru access guide" that it was made as this part.
We publish access method to route of walk bus, Shukutsu district and Asari district, Tenguyama district, movement information from Otaru-shi to Shiribeshi area, manner information to know, and to profit such as push button signals in guide other than how to get on railroad and buses, payment method of rate.
In addition, this guide is installed in international info center of Canal Plaza and each tourist information center, JR Otaru Station, central bus station square bus terminal.




The back side

Specifications: Full-scale color A2 version (a one-third size that A4 is edition when we fold)


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Chinese (simplified Chinese character) version

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Japanese edition (only as for the data)

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