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Building Guidance Division

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Duties of Building Guidance Division


  • About statistics of building
  • About thing about Construction Recycling Law
  • About bulletin of special building
  • About issuance of house proof, other proof for house
  • About thing about building of middle-high-rise building
  • About thing about energy-saving law
  • About permission, authorization based on Building Standard Act

Person in charge of confirmation

  • About confirmation, inspection based on Building Standard Act
  • About examination, authorization based on the barrier-free method
  • About examination, inspection to affect incorporated administrative agency home-financing support mechanism

Consultation instruction person in charge

  • About building, consultation about houses and instruction
  • About investigation, consultation of road based on Building Standard Act
  • About instruction for building violation
  • About disaster prevention instruction of building

Empty house measures charge

  • About consultation about empty houses and instruction

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