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Desk work division of duties

Plan policy studying group

  1. About investigation into new important matter and matter by special mission and plan policy
  2. About plan policy meeting
  3. About report, answer to investigation, inquiry, request about policy
    (in the other parts or Shinkansen, expressway promotion room or department and others section by report, answer except means kimono)
  4. About administrative policy
  5. About development of comprehensive plan
  6. About progress management of main business
  7. About integrated administration of a large region
  8. About adjustment of request matter to country, way
  9. About Ishikari Bay new port management union
  10. Do not belong to other parts about municipal administration
  11. About general adjustment of desk work business between parts


Statistics group

  1. About plan, conduct of collection, investigation, analysis, storage of government-affiliated information and offer and various statistics investigation and statistical analysis
  2. About notification of statistics desk work in agency and use of statistics and preparation of statistics breaking news


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