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National Health Insurance and National Pension Section  

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Desk work division of duties

Person in charge of general affairs

  • Thing about general affairs of part and contact adjustment with the department other sections
  • Thing about plan, investigation into National Health Insurance business and administration
  • Thing about National Health Insurance management meeting
  • Thing about health business to affect National Health Insurance
  • Thing about enlightenment to affect National Health Insurance business
  • Do not belong to department other sections and section other people in charge

Person in charge of insurance

  • Thing about the pros and cons of qualification of National Health Insurance person insured
  • Thing about insurance payment of National Health Insurance
  • Thing about adequacy measures of medical expenses
  • Thing about insurance payment statistics
  • Thing about examination of medical service fees bill of particulars and blunder adjustment
  • Thing about contact adjustment with section concerned that it affects medical service fees bill of particulars
  • Thing about request for return of investigation into third party act and claim for compensation and graft
  • Thing about investigation, levy, chotei of National Health Insurance charges and reduction of taxes

Person in charge of annuity

  • Thing about exemption of national pension premium
  • Thing about payment of national pension and consultation
  • Thing about notices affecting national pension
  • Other than thing advocating to previous 3, it is thing about national pension duties

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