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Translation (English English, Chinese Chinese, Korean Korean)

We translate Otaru-shi homepage into English, Chinese, Korean by machine translation system (ASP) mechanically. Therefore please use the following attention after understanding enough.

(1)Translation translates text part in site basically.
(2)For automatic translation by translation program, it may not be necessarily 100% more accurate translation. Therefore, depending on translated sentence, it may follow that it was off original meaning of Japanese page before translation, but is improved sequentially.
(3)Indication of screen takes time slightly in comparison with Japanese page before translation.


English (English)

The Otaru City Website can be machine-translated into English, Chinese and Korean by using aprivate automatic translation system (which is called ASP). Please note the following for the use of this system.

(1)Basically,the system translates the text portion on the website.
(2)Since it is an automatic translation performed by a translation program,it is not necessarily a perfect translation.Due to the above-mentioned reason,translated pages may have different meanings from the original Japanese pages.We will make improvements on this in the future.
(3)Display of translated screens may take a little longer than the Japanese pages before translation.


Starttranslation ToForeigners(English)

Zhongwen (Chinese, simplified Chinese character)



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Zhongwen (Chinese, Chinese Traditional)



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