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Privacy policy

On "Otaru-shi homepage", we handle based on "Otaru-shi ordinance of privacy protection" about collection, the use, management of personal information appropriately as follows.


What is personal information

It is information (information about the business of individual running business concerned is excluded.) about individual who received offer through "Otaru-shi homepage" and we can distinguish authorized individual by other descriptions on full name, the date of birth included in the information concerned and say (we can collate with other information and thereby include thing which may distinguish authorized individual.).


About collection of personal information

When we collect personal information through "Otaru-shi homepage", it should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user.

In collection of personal information, we state the collection purpose clearly.

We perform collection of personal information in range necessary to achieve purpose that we stated clearly.

We do not collect personal information about thought, creed and religion and personal information that might cause social discrimination unless we set in ordinance of privacy protection.


Protection of the personal information

We use within the offer (registration) collection purpose that personal information that we had showed clearly beforehand by "opinion, inquiry" "public comment". We do not do the use more than collection purposes of personal information and offer at all unless we set in ordinance of privacy protection.

About access log recorded on the server of Motoichi, we use for investigation in Motoichi homepage administration including count into number of access, but may not identify the person in this way. But it is not this limit when reporting based on laws and ordinances is demanded from public institutions such as court, the police by vicious mischief or crime.


Management of the personal information

About personal information that we collected, we manage severely and take appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation.

About personal information that did not need possession, we remove surely and immediately.




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