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Desk work division of duties

Person in charge of road safety measures

  • Thing about the spread of road safety thought enlightenment
  • Thing about investigation into road safety measures and plan
  • Thing about maintenance promotion of road safety facility
  • Thing about road safety measures meeting
  • Thing about Traffic Safety Campaign promotion Committee
  • Thing about contact with road safety affiliate
  • Thing about contact adjustment to affect road safety measures
  • Thing about traffic accident consultation
  • Do not belong to section other people in charge

Person in charge of consumer life

  • Thing about general adjustment about consumer administration
  • Thing about goods test and prices investigation
  • Thing about consumers enlightenment and consumer life consultation
  • Thing about research about consumption economy
  • Thing about consumers' cooperative society
  • Thing about consumer relations group
  • Thing about inspection of meter
  • Thing about on-the-spot inspection based on regulations of measurement (1992 law No. 51)
  • Thing about inspection by certified measurer as a substitute for periodical inspection
  • Thing about appropriate measurement management office
  • Thing about proof about measurement and investigation
  • Thing about instruction of spread of measurement thought and measurement technology
  • Thing about consumers center

Citizen ombudsman

  • Thing about consultation, complaint, request from citizen
  • Thing about legal advice and personal consultation
  • Thing about disaster ex gratia payment
  • Thing (we remove thing belonging to other jurisdiction.) about measures such as the birds and beasts giving harm to civic life
  • Thing (we remove thing belonging to other jurisdiction.) about contact with neighborhood association or other local resident organizations
  • Thing (we remove thing belonging to other jurisdiction.) about contact to affect violence exile campaign or other inhabitants activities
  • Thing about civic traffic measures and contact adjustment with related organizations
  • Thing about city hall, Civic Auditorium, civic center, community center and Zenibako civic center
  • Thing about civic life not to be vested in the other parts and department other sections (include organization equivalent to section.)

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