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Desk work division of duties

Person in charge of general affairs

  • Thing about general affairs of part and contact adjustment (we remove thing belonging to other jurisdiction.) with each department section (we include organization equivalent to section.)
  • Thing about contract to affect waste disposal treatment that city performs
  • Things about the levy collection of (human waste processing fee is excluded.) such as waste disposal treatment fees
  • Thing about financing accounting department concerned with disposal ground in the industrial waste last
  • Thing about the north Shiribeshi waste disposal treatment interjurisdictional affiliation
  • Thing about recruitment of self-defense officials
  • Do not belong to department other sections (you include organization equivalent to section.) and section other people in charge

Person in charge of duties

  • Thing about the acceptance of report of setting of septic tank based on the septic tank method (1983 law No. 43), permission of cleaning business, registration of the maintenance check work, instruction about appropriate management
  • Thing about collection of human wastes reception desk
  • Thing about the levy collection of human waste processing fee
  • Thing about statistics modifying disposal of waste
  • Thing about maintenance of public toilet


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