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Desk work division of duties

Person in charge of personnel affairs

  1. About appointment, placement, the rich of the staff and disciplinary measure
  2. About duty conditions or other for working hours of the staff
  3. About salary of the staff
  4. About pension and retirement annuity
  5. About expenditure order of money of annual expenditure to affect the staff salary costs
  6. About legal subtraction such as income tax withholding taxes
  7. About the staff group
  8. About administrative organization
  9. Do not belong to section other people in charge

Person in charge of public welfare

  1. About welfare program of the staff
  2. About hygiene management of the staff
  3. About government affairs accident compensation of the staff
  4. About Hokkaido city staff cooperative association
  5. About association of Hokkaido city staff welfare
  6. About welfare program society

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