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Firefighting dog is public

Firefighting dog is public

"It is public" is male dog of mongrel kept at the start in the firefighting headquarters at the time of Showa.
 When fire engine is dispatched, we get in first of all and send away curious spectators (in sightseers) in the scene of a fire and are handed down as we repair tangle of hose to sprinkle water and made an outstanding performance.
 The dispatch number of times of 1,000 times asked, and was broken, but was not able to get on fire engine when got old, and body weakened even if bell of dispatch sounded. And, on February 3, 1938 (Showa 13), we were nursed by many people and died.
 If it said at human age, it would live to be 100 years old "to be public" said to have lived for 24 years.
 His achievement during the lifetime was introduced into the whole country by radio and magazine and became subject of picture book. Brave figure standing in steppe of fire engine still floats whenever we see figure of "it is public".

Monument establishment

Firefighting dog public monument 1

Firefighting dog public monument 2

Firefighting dog public monument 3

On February 3, 2006, we honored public o after the public death on the 68th-year anniversary of the death, and, for maintenance to produce to vomit, former Otaru-shi firefighting team being on the register roll played a key role and started "firefighting dog public monument construction resolution society".
 We raised donation widely in construction resolution society and we decided to build monument and had Hokkaido, other groups of a lot of, cooperation of personal various places from in front of Otaru-shi sightseeing product plaza open space of Otaru sightseeing basic point and performed monument erection, unveiling ceremony on July 21, 2006, and monument was donated to Otaru-shi.
 It seems to be interesting, and many citizens and tourists visiting Canal Plaza now look at monument in front of open space, and there is much which lines up if public, and takes a ceremonial photograph, and it is one of the famous places of Otaru.


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