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Otaru-shi designated landmark architecture

Otaru-shi designated landmark architecture

 Many landmark architectures exist in Otaru, and fisherman's house, warehouse, store, restaurant, temple, church, banks become a great variety of for building use. The highest technique at the time and refined design are made on these buildings and are appreciated as superior cultural heritage.


About the formation of cityscape of Otaru

 The place name Otaru comes from that it was called ota Orr Ney (will of river in sandy beach) by Ainu. Communities were formed of people who ran drave and salmon fishing from Edo period and became "village regular" in 1865 (Genji 2).
When Bureau of Development was set up in Sapporo in 1869 (Meiji 2), Otaru was placed as the most important harbor of Hokkaido reclamation, and the first railroad was opened between Temiya and Sapporo in way in 1880 (Meiji 13).
Afterwards, Otaru Port was appointed in particular in international trade port in outport in 1899 (Meiji 32) in 1889 (Meiji 22), and it was further after the Russo-Japanese War in supply place of consumption supplies of south Karafuto, and Otaru developed rapidly from these days and traced course of prosperity.
On the other hand, landfill of frontage of Ironai, Temiya was completed in 1889 (Meiji 22) when we saw the formation process of cityscape, and this ground was lined with stone construction warehouses. The center of city area moved to Irifune-cho, Sakaimachi, Ironai in the direction of the town side from Katsunaicho, too, and shipping shop, wholesale dealer, bank displayed the eaves. We hung bank town called "north Wall Street" for the Taisho era period from the Meiji era, and central financial institution advanced, and played in particular a role that was important as center of right way financial circles.
In such a background, it was built Former Nippon Yusen Otaru Branch (country-designated important cultural property) due to hand of central architect, modern architecture including the Bank of Japan former Otaru branch (Otaru-shi designated tangible cultural property) in the Ironai whole area much.
There is remaining much now, and, in these Meiji, Taisho era, early building of the Showa era conveys history and culture in now and forms cityscape which seems to be Otaru.


About Otaru-shi designated landmark architecture

 In Otaru-shi, we established "Otaru-shi landmark architecture and the scenery district conservation regulations" in 1983 (Showa 58) and appointed 31 "landmark architectures".
Furthermore, we performed field survey of landmark architecture targeting at whole city to dissolve the previous regulations progressively in 1992 (Heisei 4), and to establish "urban development urban environment law that we made use of history and nature of Otaru" in to plan maintenance of general cityscape, and to make basic information to plan preservation of these valuable buildings.
We consigned investigation to Architectural Institute of Japan Hokkaido Branch, and "Otaru-shi landmark architecture field survey Committee" was organized by the branch office.
By the first investigation, we chose among thing precious in history of building and local historic background in consideration of important thing and we mainly divided into structure, roof, nine items including outer wall from the situation of the appearance and checked materials or style. Building which became a target these was 2,357. By the second investigation, we elected main 508 from this house and performed hearing investigation or in-house investigation and carried out information about history and features, designer collection of building.
It receives report from scenery council after these investigations, and it registers thing which you should keep in good condition as "Otaru-shi registration landmark architecture", and it is "Otaru-shi-designated landmark architecture" that, of these, appointed to hotness and others with the approval of various places of owner. "Otaru-shi designated landmark architecture" is 79 now.


The furtherance, financing to landmark architecture

 We provide technical assistance, and, in Otaru-shi, Otaru-shi registration mediates financing about maintenance of designated landmark architecture based on "urban development urban environment law that we made use of history and nature of Otaru" in and supports a part of expense to need for maintenance within the budget. For details, please see summary (PDF308KB) of mediation of the furtherance and financing.


Project seminar was held for Otaru 100 years

We memorialized cityscape preservation league Otaru general meetings of the whole country in 2019, and seminar to think about value and preservation of landmark architecture which existed through introductions of approach of consideration of urban development exercise of Otaru and cityscape preservation of the whole country was held.


The date and time: Saturday, May 25, 2019 (Raiwa 1) 14:00-16:15
Venue: Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch

Sponsorship: Otaru 100 years project seminar executive committee

The cosponsorship: Otaru-shi

◇from the mayor

Yuichi Fukukawa (cityscape preservation league directors of the whole country)

◇Keynote Speech
"Urban development motion and the future of Otaru that we looked at from the whole country"

Lecturer: Yukio Nishimura (Kobe Design University's professor)

◇Example report

"Example of Yame-shi, Fukuoka Fukushima, Yame"

Reporter: Riki Kitajima (representative of NPO corporation Yame house in the town reproduction cheering party)

◇Three-man talk (teidan)

"Prospects in 100 years of the Otaru future"

Yukio Nishimura

Riki Kitajima

Sadamasa Komaki (Otaru 100 years project seminar executive committee representative, ability for Hokkaido occupation development college Special Counsel)

◇Otaru declaration

"Urban development declaration making use of landmark architecture and cultural assets of Otaru"

Declaration: Sadamasa Komaki

Otaru 100 years project seminar brochure

Seminar state

State of seminar


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