Otaru Canal of colored leaves

Otaru-shi designation landmark architecture 70th Tomioka Catholic Church

 Name Tomioka Catholic Church (existing: Catholicism Otaru church Tomioka temple of Confucius)

 Location Tomioka 1-21-25

 Building age 1929 (Showa 4)

 Part of structure wooden construction steel reinforced concrete construction 3 stories

 Use church in building

 Designation date February 25, 2004 (Heisei 16)


Catholic propagation in Otaru began in 1882 and started work after temple of Confucius construction of several degrees in the present location in 1928 and gave dedication ceremony on June 30 in the next year.

In building which emphasized a feeling of rise to reach octagonal turret where we raised cross from spire arch of front entrance part, the appearance takes in Gothic style mainly. Gentle light enters the second-floor chapel at arch window which put stained glass together, and it is in holy space.


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