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Otaru-shi Boyo soccer and rugby stadium

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About facility

Facility summary


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Facility summary


Grass court (A B coat) 100m *150m = 15,000m2, two, water level adjustment storing water model system

Clay court (C coat) 100m *150m = 15,000m2, one, decomposed granite

Administration house


There are shower room, locker room, restroom, the storage of appliance, broadcasting equipment, clearing out of ground.


The appearanceAdministration house


Shower Shower roomlocker room Locker room photographrestroomRestroom photograph


The storage of appliance The storage of appliance photographbroadcasting equipment Broadcasting equipment applianceclearing out of groundClearing out of ground photograph


Parking lot

It can accommodate 82.


Parking lot gateGate



There are drinking fountain, solar clock, each coat wire netting tension.

There are the storage of appliance, temporary restroom in clay court.


The storage of clay court applianceThe storage of clay appliance



About use

Use division

Use division

Grass court (A B) We limit to exclusive use such as tournaments
Clay court (C) It needs reservations in advance and is used group, circle
Administration room We limit to use by tournament


Terms of use

Half day (from 6:00 a.m. to noon from noon to 6:00 p.m.) or one day


Period of service

Until the early June and the end of October day


The fee for use

The fee for use

- Division of exclusive use Use use


High school student or younger Other than following -
Grass court

5,900 yen a day

Half day 2,900 yen

11,800 yen a day

Half day 5,900 yen

We use for tournaments.

Open to the public, by exercise cannot use.

Clay court

3,700 yen a day

Half day 1,800 yen

7,400 yen a day

Half day 3,700 yen

We leave open in general group on day without plans such as tournaments.
Administration room

2,400 yen a day

Half day 1,200 yen

4,900 yen a day

Half day 2,400 yen

When administration by tournaments is necessary, we leave open.



  • Please do not use facility except facility which received licensing.
  • You do distribution and sale of article without permission, and please do not raise contribution or donation of money and goods.
  • You do notice and distribution such as advertisement trade rags without permission, and please do not provide drawing card notice boards.
  • When you receive licensing to affect exclusive use, please perform rearranging of the visitors appropriately.
  • When you damage building, affiliated facilities, equipping grade and were lost, please report at the following promptly.


About use procedure

As you accept in the following, apply directly.

As you issue authorization or receipt in the case of the fee for use delivery, you carry by all means, and please use.

As a general rule, about exclusive use, we cannot use for 3 consecutive days.



Grass court

The Otaru-shi Board of Education life Sports Division


5-10-1, Otaru-shi Hanazono

TEL0134-32-4111 extension number 318



Clay court

Otaru-shi general gymnasium

Designated manager Ann BIC's sopuratikogurupu (the outside site)


5-2-2, Otaru-shi Hanazono




About volunteer taking good care of turf

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