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Guidance of Inakita, Otaru-shi community center

 It is facility which was established to plan improvement of citizen's culture and culture and increase of health.
As there are assembly room (three Japanese-style rooms, Western-style room three) and physical education room, cooking training room, please use.

※Attention: Exclusive parking lot (free) of using community center becomes the fourth floor.

As parking number is limited with 40, in the case of no vacancies, please use parking lot of another facility.

(as it is exclusive parking lot of each store user and monthly contractor, from the first floor to the third floor, we cannot park.)


About extension of number of people restrictions

There was notice about relaxation such as the number of people restrictions from Hokkaido depending on type of event after September 19, but your understanding and cooperation, please as cluster of daytime karaoke and municipal hospital in restaurant follows from the viewpoint of infection prevention in facility until the end of November with it is the city until now as there is example that occurred and does capacity such as gymnasium and assembly room with the number of people limit of 50%, and facility will run various prophylaxis while being thorough.


We will be opened on Monday, July 13

 Because a lot of new new coronavirus infected people occurred in the city after June 23, it should have been closing, but, as part of preventive measures against infection spread, will open in temporariness from Monday, June 29 to Sunday, July 12 after having limited use of part from Monday, July 13 as the infection situation in the city is calming down currently.

 In addition, your understanding and cooperation, please as we will carry out various prophylaxis thoroughly from the viewpoint of infection prevention in facility in future and we provide equipment and will run.

 In addition, we perform lottery that we planned on Wednesday, July 1 on Saturday, August 1, but even trouble would appreciate your coming after checking over telephone beforehand in facility.


Request to all of you that the hall is used

  • About with heat, where physical condition is bad for symptoms of a cold without heat, please refrain from the use.
  • Please wear mask in hall. When I do not wear mask, I may decline the use. But please judge from each person about desorption of mask when there is worry such as heat stroke.
  • Please refrain from conversation in loud voice or conversations at neighboring distance (less than 2m).
  • Please carry out sterilization of finger, brisk hand-washing thoroughly.
  • We perform periodical ventilation and secure around 2m (at least 1m) at interval with people, and the number of people limit that does not become overcrowded and desk, placement of chair, please. (around 1/2 of capacity is indication)
  • After the use, I would like cooperation for sterilization of point where indoor hand touched. When there is not antiseptic solution, please report to the staff.
  • About activities that it is easy to be in 3 dense (sealing, crowd, closeness) including "circle activity to emit loud voice", "meeting and circle activity in a great number of people" devise activity contents, and they, please carry out "circle activity with much contact with people and person" so that 3 dense states do not occur.
  • Please refrain from meal in hall. In addition, please refrain from meal in cooking training room for the duration.


Requests to representative such as, circle group used gymnasium (personal opening day)

  • We were infected with new coronavirus and assume case proved to use this facility, and understanding and cooperation, please for the duration as we have full names of used by appointed paper preparing at the time of application of gymnasium (personal opening day) in facility fill out.
  • Toward the representatives such as circle groups, please grasp participant full names every day taken advantage of. (on the day submission to facility is unnecessary, but please make list every use day in each group)


The fee for use becomes revision from April 1, 2020


Opening time

  • From 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Division of the use time

The morning

9:00 a.m. ~ noon

[guide map]

We turn left at the National Route 5 and go ahead approximately 500 meters from Otaru Station and we turn right at the intersection of 5, Inaho and advance to 820 on the way. There is receptionist of Inakita community center on the fourth floor of Inakita building in the left that we went ahead approximately 130 meters through.

The afternoon

1:00 p.m. ~5 time

By night

6:00 p.m. ~9 time 30 minutes

All day From 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Address, phone number

  • Address: 5-10-1, Inaho, Otaru-shi
  • Telephone: 0134-27-7676


Closed day

New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)


Application method

We accept from 9:00 a.m. three months before day to use. You come, and please go through the procedure directly to our center.



Having you protect in the use

 We may have you follow how old you are to be available by security comfortably.

 For more details, please see page of "having you protect in use of Inakita community center".


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