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Otaru-shi sightseeing product plaza (under an alias: Canal Plaza)

Announcement of all the buildings business start (May 25 postscript)

Otaru-shi sightseeing product plaza (Canal Plaza) closed temporarily reopens business from Tuesday, May 26.

Summary of facility

 Otaru-shi sightseeing product plaza plans industrial development in the city by promoting the spread of local products, and providing sightseeing information in addition and is intended that we do with citizen's place of exchange.


 Our facility utilized the south side of former Otaru Soko which was landmark architecture and established in 1990.

 We rent multipurpose gallery in facility and courtyard in pay as space that is usable widely in various meetings and events, exhibitions.

 We introduce designated management system about reception desk others, operating cost of the use application, and Otaru Tourism Association goes.


 In facility, we install tourist information center (international information center) (the outside site) and rest station, cafe corner where the staff who can speak English, Chinese, Korean is resident and have brochure and foreign language version maps of Otaru, Shiribeshi area abundantly.

 In addition, at stand, we sell special product of Otaru, Shiribeshi.


Sightseeing product plaza summary

The location

2-1-20, Ironai, Otaru-shi

(worth Chuodori Street: for Hotel Nord)

Position figure (google map (outside site) opens) 


197.18 square meters of multipurpose galleries

350.90 square meters of courtyards


The use division

The morning

(9: 00~12: 00)

The afternoon

(13: 00~17: 00)

By night

(18: 00~21: 00)

All day

(9: 00~21: 00)

Multipurpose gallery

(the storage of third)



4,050 yen

5,400 yen

4,050 yen

12,300 yen

Heating charges


1,200 yen

1,600 yen

1,200 yen

4,000 yen




4,050 yen

5,400 yen

4,050 yen

12,300 yen

※We do the fee when advertising, display, sale are aimed for profit for 1 product with sum that added sum equivalent to 50% to the sum mentioned above.

※About the use of 2 winter season (almost from November to next year April), we collect heating charges.

Rental equipment

For gallery user, rental of equipment such as conference table, stacking chair, wireless microphone set, projector, screen is possible, too.

For more details, please refer to Otaru Tourism Association.




About application of the use, the space situation, please see homepage of Otaru Tourism Association in detail. (the outside site)


Other inquiries

Otaru-shi sightseeing product plaza-designated manager Otaru Tourism Association


2-1-20, Ironai, Otaru-shi

Telephone 0134-33-2510

Fax 0134-23-0522


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