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Guidance of Otaru-shi working youth home

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About extension of number of people restrictions

There was notice about relaxation such as the number of people restrictions depending on type of event after September 19 from Hokkaido.

However, as there is example that cluster at daytime karaoke and municipal hospital in restaurant produced in the city, from the viewpoint of infection prevention in facility, it follows until the end of November and limits capacity of each room to 50%, and facility will run various prophylaxis while being thorough.

I would like your understanding and cooperation.

We ask all of the home use with news

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, I would like understanding and cooperation about next to used all of you.

  1. Please refrain from the use about with heat and person who is ill-conditioned for symptoms of a cold without heat.
  2. I ask all of the use for wearing of mask and may decline the use when I do not wear mask. In addition, please judge about desorption of mask respectively when there is worry such as heat stroke.
  3. Please carry out sterilization of finger, brisk hand-washing thoroughly.
  4. Please refrain from conversation in loud voice or conversations at neighboring distance (less than 2m).
  5. We perform periodical ventilation and secure distance with people around 2m (at least 1m), and the number of people restrictions that do not become overcrowded and desk, placement of chair, please. [around 1/2 of capacity, please be used as an indication]
  6. After the use, I would like cooperation for sterilization of point where indoor hand touched. When there is not antiseptic solution, please report to the staff.
  7. About activities that it is easy to be in the three secrets (sealing, crowd, closeness) including "circle activity to emit loud voice", "meeting and circle activity in a great number of people" devise activity contents, and they, please carry out "circle activity with much contact with people and person" so that the three secrets state does not occur.
  8. As city public health center may investigate physical condition of other users when we were infected with new coronavirus, and it is revealed that we use this facility, grasp of full name and contact information of user, please. (report to facility is unnecessary)
  9. Please refrain from meal in the hall (including cookhouse).
  10. Please refrain from use of long-time lobby.
  11. Please contact working youth home for any unclear points.

In addition, in the case of the use, please contact over telephone by all means as there are instructions by used room.

Guidance of the use

Otaru-shi working youth home is facility which was installed because working young everybody has you spend spare time significantly happily.

We perform various support so that the making of friend is promoted through young school (culture lecture) and club activities, event.

Opening time

From 9:30 to 21:00 (in addition, closed days are Sundays and holidays, from December 29 to January 3.)

Working youth

The use eligible people

Person (person to 3/31 of age that became 36 years old) who is living in the city or 35 years old from 15 years old that commutes to the city, and goes to school

Take identification cards such as driver's license or health insurance card to have the first person uses and register.

The use registration, charge are free, but may need the actual expenses such as the teaching materials costs.

The general use

When there is space in time in the daytime, we leave open toward the public for a fee.

It is this about the general use, the space situation of each room

Guidance of traffic

Otaru-shi working youth home map

It is all "authority of city hall" getting off getting on at each line of passing in central bus 4 system (the south 4 system) Yamanote Line, 9 system Tenguyama ropeway lines, 24 system Yamate.

For details, please refer to working youth home.

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