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Otaru-shi lifelong learning plaza (repio)

That deal with use of learning room; ask (latest July 28)

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, he/she notes all of used group and circles about next,

Please judge use. In addition, please confirm as you make some modifications than the last request.


<instructions of use of lifelong learning plaza>

1.I decline admission about with heat and where physical condition is bad for symptoms of a cold without heat.


2.In hall, please wear mask. In addition, about utterance in loud voice and activity at neighboring distance (less than 1.5 meters),

 Please go after having adopted preventive measures against infection. As when there might be infection spread to other users, I may decline use,

 Thank you for your understanding.


3.Please carry out sterilization of finger at the time of admission, brisk hand-washing, a cough etiquette thoroughly by each person. In addition, with sterilization such as the room to use,

 Please carry out ventilation around once in 30 minutes in each group. In addition, please let the reception desk staff know when there is not antiseptic solution.


4."Meeting and circle activity in a great number of people" about "circle activity with many contact opportunities with people and person" for prevention of infection spread,

 We may ask for self-restraint of use.

 ※In addition, you adopt preventive measures against infection, and the following activity protects capacity, and please perform. (※ July 13 change)

  ●Activity to utter aloud

  We wear mask and perform

 ●Activity to perform at neighboring distance (less than 1.5 meters)

  Wearing such as finger sterilization, sterilization of tool, mask or face shield

 ●Activity to contact people

  Wearing such as finger sterilization, sterilization of tool, mask or face shield

 ●Activity that might have infection spread to other users

  We sterilize tool and perform


5.In each group, please grasp full names of person of admission of the day.


6.When we use learning rooms, we would like the number of people limit finding interval with people and person about 1.5 meters, placement of desk, chair.

 When we open 2 meters of intervals, as for the capacity of learning room, the following becomes indication.

 The first learning room: 18 + lecturer second learning room: 14 + lecturer third learning room: 14 + lecturer

 The fourth learning room: Nine + lecturer fifth learning room: Nine + lecturer sixth learning room: 18 + lecturer

 Hall: Song or social dancing 18 + lecturer, 30 + lecturer as for the exercises, 41 + lecturer as for the lecture

 Japanese-style room: Nine + lecturer


7.Pray, and have a pain to have do indoor disinfectant work if activity is finished, and to have leave immediately; do.


8.Please refrain from meal in hall.


With lifelong learning plaza (repio)

 It is facility installed as base performing volunteer support about home training and lifelong learning again as place of lifelong learning of citizen's everybody.

 Other than sound, picture facilities and "contact hall" with piano, there are learning room and Japanese-style room varying in area according to the number of users. Please use for various circle activities.

 repio (LEPIO) is nickname that took initial of ... Lifelong Education Plaza Inaho Otaru (Otaru-shi lifelong learning plaza).

 Contact hallLearning roomJapanese-style room 1Kids space


 ※Hokkaido promotes our facility; is authorized "relievedly of baby in station" (the outside site) (from September 16, 2015)

 ※Our facility is authorized in "facility of delicious air" which Otaru-shi public health center promotes (the outside site) (from July 14, 2015)

Conduct business (in detail to each page)

Opening time

  • From 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (on Sunday until 5:00 p.m.)


Closed day

  • Holiday, New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)


[About the usage]


Notice matter

  • The use (sale of article or the collection of admission) for the purpose of profit is not possible.
  • The site is non-smoking.
  • As you are limited in space of parking lot, please use public transport.
  • In addition, please inquire for precautions matter.
  • When parking lot is full, please use parking lot of "Otaru City Hall".

To all of you using parking lot

Means of transportation guidance

  • Than JR Otaru Station a 5-minute walk
  • From the express bus "Otaru station square" a 5-minute walk
  • From center bus "in front of NTT" a 3-minute walk

 ※As you are limited in space of parking lot, please use public transport.

Traffic guide map to lifelong learning plazaThe repio appearance

※There is entrance of "lifelong learning plaza" when we go down slope of Inaho Elementary School entrance.

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