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Otaru-shi industrial hall

It is Otaru-shi and name of division city possession part with NTT of building owning and installs Otaru-shi industrial hall for the purpose of contributing to industry economy of Motoichi and improvement of culture.

The first-floor part is used in multipurpose use including "open space of forest" that is each tenant store, post office, place of elderly person round-table conference "Mori no tsudoi" activity. The second-floor part has hall which we can use in exhibition, class.


About Otaru-shi industrial hall the second floor hall rental stop

Hall (coliseum, 1-3 hall) on Otaru-shi industrial hall the second floor stops rental for the time being from April 1, 2020.

We loan out, and please contact us for your inquiries about stop to commercial Administration Division.


Summary of facility


Industrial hall summary
The location

2-17-1, Inaho, Otaru-shi

 (about 5 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station)

Position figure (google map (outside site) opens)


Facility scale

1,194.99 square meter of the first floor

902.65 square meters of the second floor

 About 170 square meters of coliseums

 About 60 square meters of 1 halls

 About 60 square meters of 2 halls

 About 60 square meters of 3 halls




 Equipment pipe chair, long desk

The second-floor ground plan (enlarged picture (PDF122KB) is displayed when we click figure)zumen




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