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Park of Otaru

Contact with nature provides various recreation from amusement place and exercise sports of children, and, commencing with good environmental conservation, the scenery formation, it is at the time of disaster in evacuation site, and park in the city plays various roles.
To purpose, do even parent and child and friend and one not perform to park which is public facilities in great numbers in space of nearby joint ownership?

New list


Park-related event

We place park-related event information at any time here.


Flower bed volunteer

Theme to "flower bed of all to raise together" recruits participants expecting park becoming place of gathering felt close.

Base of natural observation and tree planting promotion

There is counselor's office where is green as base of tree planting promotion including consultation and reporting about natural hall, green and gardening of forest as structure of environmental conservation and nature, base of natural life observation including reporting in garden.

About the use of park

We publish about procedure for permission application when we perform event or shooting in precaution and park when we use park.

Roadside tree map

Roadside tree map which position of main roadside tree in the city could confirm was made.



Do you know? Flower of city, tree of city, the choice reason

What we decided by citywide competition in event that memorialized Hokkaido 100 years in 1968 on May 28 begins and does.

As for thing, the azalea letting you feel growth power Hokkaido-like beauty that it is easy to bring up vigorously as for the white birch, it has been already planted a lot a tree by Otaru Park, and it is done with the choice reason what citizen's as new famous place, is got close to.

Tree white birch of OtarushirakambakunWhite birch



Flower Rhododendron Kaempferi of OtaruAzaleaAzalea



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