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Hometown urban development supported by Otaru fans

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◇ About hometown tax (jump to page of contract administration of property section)



About the end of "Otaru fan certificate"

Issuance of "Otaru fan certificate" which had favorable reception has contribution of May 31, 2019 with the foundation of "designated system to affect hometown tax" by Local Tax Law revision and will be finished.

Once again, we sincerely thank past loving Atsushi.

In addition, it is already available about "Otaru fan certificate" you have until expiration date listed in certificate.


Otaru fan support - About the hometown urban development contribution regulations

 In Otaru, there still remains a lot of landmark architectures and industrial inheritances that reminds of the old "merchant town Otaru", and by creating unique streets and scenes, we want many people to come and to feel "that something is nostalgic" and that "it is a town they can like".

 In Otaru-shi, we show the concrete businesses that will keep our historic properties to the next generations and that makes a charming urban development full of personality, we gather the fund contributions from the "Otaru fans" accross the country that approves our work and we bring forward our urban development.



 By making use of the "hometown tax payment system", we ask for the cooperation of "Otaru fans" supporting the urban development of Otaru-shi by contribution.


Business to stimulate urban development with contributions

Application for donation method


Contribution situation

We conclude agreement about contribution with HOKKAIDO COCA-COLA BOTTLING Co., Ltd.


About businesses using donations

 Everybody reports business utilizing donation to "hometown urban development fund which Otaru fan supports" which had you approach.


* Business that we carried out in 2019


◇Maintenance business of the exhibition railroad carriage of the Otaru Museum

◇Preservation business of the registrated landmark architecture based on "the urban development and environment law making use of Otaru's history and nature".

◇Recognized businesses accepted for other purposes

2019 hometown urban development collaboration business results report is this


* 30, Heisei Please refer to this for business that you carried out before the year.


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