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Desk work division of duties

Person in charge of general affairs

  1. About general affairs and notification of part adjustment with the plan policy room, anti-disaster measures room and department other sections
  2. About receipt of document and shipment and preservation of the conclusion document
  3. About official seal, desk work transfer and desk work report
  4. About maintenance of the control, main government building in agency and the incidental facilities and heat control and call
  5. About contact with municipal assembly, Board of Education, board of elections, fairness Committee, fixed assets evaluation screening committee and checkup committee
  6. Do not belong to person in charge of other parts and plan policy room, anti-disaster measures room, department and others section and section et al.

Compliance, information disclosure charge

  1. About system of public offering of information and system for privacy protection
  2. About compliance Committee
  3. About the public interest report and the public interest purpose report
  4. About unfair demand acts

Administrative person in charge

  1. About examination of established regulation and important document and maintenance of collection of established regulation
  2. About notification type
  3. About adjustment of municipal assembly submission bill (except budget relations)
  4. About suit
  5. About legal adviser
  6. About border of city

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