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  • Thing about promotion of fishery and fisherman's house measures
  • Thing about fisheries finance and machine loan
  • Thing about contact with fishermen's cooperative association or other fisheries affiliates
  • Thing about fish Ageba and municipal ownership place concerned
  • Thing about contact adjustment with public facilities fisheries district wholesale market
  • Thing about distribution of fresh fish wholesale market and fishery products
  • Thing about promotion of marine products processing industries
  • Thing about preservation of fishing ground material
  • Thing about production instruction of fishery and encouragement
  • Thing about fisheries resource conservation and increase
  • Thing about fishery adjustment and the fishery control
  • Thing about prevention of fishing boat disaster and sea disaster
  • Thing about maintenance of fishing port and the use
  • Thing about prevention of improvement of fishing ground and pollution
  • Thing about instruction of fisheries technology and class
  • Thing about the qualified fishing boat crew training
  • Thing about fisheries statistics



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