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Community-based welfare section

  1. Thing about notification of part adjustment with the general affairs and child care support room and department and others section (we include organization equivalent to section.)
  2. Thing about promotion of community-based welfare
  3. Thing about the accounting desk work such as aid costs
  4. Thing about supply of welfare allowance
  5. Thing about unreasonable protection money and goods
  6. Thing about old officer, pension of civilian employee and protection such as the war disabled
  7. Thing about local welfare officer recommendation society, Council of Social Welfare, local welfare officer and children's committee
  8. Thing about commendation of social welfare person who has rendered distinguished services
  9. Thing about plan of general measure corresponding to aged society and contact adjustment with related organizations
  10. Thing about enlightenment of consciousness corresponding to aged society
  11. Thing about respect for the old event
  12. Thing about contact pass
  13. Thing about Roso university
  14. Thing about golden age club
  15. Thing about health and purpose of life business of elderly person
  16. Thing about contribution of person of exit measures containing and entrance and social welfare expenses request for welfare facilities examination based on the welfare for the elderly method
  17. Thing about the authorization of social welfare corporation and instruction inspection
  18. Do not belong to the child care support room and department other sections (you include organization equivalent to section.)


Social welfare corporation Otaru-shi Council of Social Welfare

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